Compressors technology is changing, and sellers are finding out the benefits of using rotary screw compressors. Rotary type compressors use minimal energy and supply dry compressed air that is clean. You should concentrate more on how much power the compressor uses meanwhile it is better to maintain your air system correctly so that it can last for an extended period of time. You must the duty cycle of the compressor, but rotary types compressors usually have the best duty cycle, therefore, reducing costs of maintenance. The compressors have operating temperatures of only 170 to 200 degrees.

What to Consider When Buying a Plate Compactor and Air Compressor


The compressor has inbuilt after coolers which have powerful fans that lower the temperature of the compressed air. Look at how the compressor performs after some time so that you know what type of maintenance it needs. The compressor does not wear out first since the rotors do not touch each other. A piston compressor is known to make a lot of noise and vibrations.

The Noise Produced by The Compressor

Rotary screw compressors run more smoothly and have sound-attenuating enclosures featuring anti-vibration amounts. It is easy to communicate with each other even when the compressor is in the same room. The compressors are normally found in smaller sizes since they are more efficient. You should fix any leaks that you see in the compressor to save more air. Plate compactor will help you compact sub-base and asphalt on parking lots and driveways.

Type of Tasks You Are Performing

You should choose a compactor depending on the kind of job you are doing. Single plate compactors usually move in one direction so that you can use for small projects. You should consider the eccentric frequency of the plate which is good for cohesive soils compaction. If the ground is rocky, it is better to buy a compactor that has low vibrations per minute.  

Check out the shape of the plate since curved plate makes turns much easier. You can find out if the plate is curved by looking underneath the compactor form the centre to the end. Choose a compactor that has a water tank which will prevent the plate from sticking to the asphalt. You should clean the plate after use to remove any asphalt stuck on it. You should choose the machines from a reliable manufacturer. 

You can research online for companies that make compactor with the best material. You must check if the bolt is tight so that you can perform your tasks more efficiently. You should check if the machines have a warranty and the amount of time the manufacturer has provided.