A diesel generator purpose to produce electrical energy. It uses fuel which after undergoing some conversion process becomes electrical energy. Generators are used to drive machinery, some gadgets and in most cases used as an alternative in case of a blackout. The diesel generator is composed of a diesel engine and electric generator. Generators are of immense support to people's way of life. They are used to drive machines and engines. The diesel generators vary in sizes; there are those that are used for small-scale usage, and there are massive generators that are used to operate machinery. The diesel generators size is dependent on the power to be supplied. 

Several machines utilize the principles of a diesel generator for their operation. For instance, the compactors utilize fuel (diesel) to deliver their intended goal. A compactor is a machine that purposes to minimize the size of material via the compaction. There are various types of compactors. The compactors are of immense aid where reduction of waste material and biomass is needed. There is dirt compactor and ground compactor just to mention but a few.

The vibratory plate compactor uses fuel to deliver. It is an engine powered machines with extended handles from which a person controls it. This walk-behind machine, going by their name, impact powerful vibratory compaction. The impact is then used to fix the loose materials solidly. Their operation is meant to boost the density of sand, gravel or loose soil to level and compact foundation. The vibratory plate compactor is steered forward by the eccentric drive mechanism. The plate vibratory compactors are of enormous benefit in servicing patios, landscaping, walkways, paver and ground stone installation. The idea of purchasing them depends on the frequency of usage; one may either rent or purchase. The plate compactors vary in design and fashion.

Another type of machine that resembles and operates like a diesel generator is the compressor. The rotary compressors, on the other hand, are used mostly in industries where the high-pressure air is needed. They press and suppress gas to run some industrial applications. Rotary screw compressors offer continuous compressed air. They are efficient machines with less noise pollution. The fuel used in rotary compressors are useful in that they clean, lubricate and protect the very system.The screw compressors compress air courtesy of crew action. This type of compressor merit in that it allows for compression of air continually with low changes in pressure delivery. It is indeed an efficient service machine. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diesel_generator